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Growing market of home automation in India

by Saloni Bisht Long gone are the days when a smart home was a thing of science fiction and only existed in Sci-Fi movies. Today, a smart home means a house that consists automation systems that enables the residents with the luxury of smooth control over various elements of their home. In India, the...Read More

Lesson for the Indian Real Estate Companies Post Amrapali Verdict

by Saloni Bisht Soon after the warning given by the U.P. Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, the authorities took a huge step towards cleaning up the real estate sector. And, as a result, some of the biggest sharks in the real estate industry were arrested. The wave impacted Amrapali Group as well. Dire...Read More

Terrace Farming: The Ultimate Waste Management Solution

by Saloni Bisht ‘Not all waste is garbage,’ most of it is Black Gold, particularly referring to the kitchen and lawn waste here. But, a larger part of what you hurl into the bin is organic material that can be composted and used as the fertilizer. Especially beneficial for plants in your garden or ki...Read More

How not to get lured by freebies during Diwali?

The festive season has already started and it is considered auspicious for property purchase. Since Indians are sentimental buyers, they prefer to make informed property buying decisions during this period. To encash on the increased demand during the festive season, builders, on their part, leave no...Read More

RealtyMyths Weekly News Roundup

Hi Guys and welcome back to yet another Weekly Roundup, where we mention all the real estate affairs that took place in the past week.  Let’s get started! Starting with the update from Noida. Noida Authority gave ‘in-principal’ approval to the conversion of landholding rights from Leasehold to ...Read More

Top 5 Way to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

by Saloni Bisht Gone are the days when dogs/cats were treated as just pets. The pets are the new babies of the house. The term ‘Pet Parent’ is replacing the terms like ‘Pet Owner’ and ‘Master.’ The relationship between pets and humans is taking a healthy turn. These days, pet parents do every possibl...Read More

Benefits to Property Owner and Real Estate Sector by Digitization of Land Records

by Akhilesh A modern market requires a strong system of property rights. In India, however, land titles have been presumptive rather than conclusive. By modest estimates, nearly two-thirds of all pending cases in Indian courts are related to property disputes. Such cases take an average of 20 years t...Read More

Are you ready for bursting Green Crackers this Diwali!

Since past two years, the pollution level is breaking records and has resulted in making India one of the top polluted nations in the world. Finally considering the fact Supreme Court recently permitted only green crackers this Diwali to moderate the pollution level. There are restrictions on stockin...Read More

Guide for Buying an Under Construction Property

by Akhilesh Purchasing an under construction property is a lucrative proposition for buyers. The cost of such a property is much lower than a ready to move in one. However, investing in an under construction property comes with its fair share of risk. Therefore, it is pertinent that the buyer should ...Read More

Mumbai’s Self Redevelopment Scheme 2018

by Akhilesh The rapidly increasing population of Mumbai directly results in the increased demand for more accommodation. The city has more than 30,000 dilapidated buildings built almost 50 years ago that have a low Floor Space Index (FSI). FSI is basically the ratio between the total site area on whi...Read More

RealtyMyths Weekly News Roundup

Hello folks! We’re back with the whole new weekly roundup of real estate updates. Beginning with the update on the sales of the residential sector. The sale in the residential sector is struggling since 2013-14, and facing the down all even after five years. Hence inventory level continues to remain ...Read More

Weekly Word Wizard

Welcome back to RealtyMyths weekly word wizard! Here are some terms that you should know. Capital budget An estimate of costs to cover replacements and improvements and the corresponding revenues needed to balance them, usually for a 12-month period. Different from an operating budget. Cost of equity...Read More

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