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Is the evolution of chinese real estate remarkable?

It was the liberalization in 1980s that opened the markets of China for international investments. But the real evolution of the real estate began in 1998, when the Chinese government removed the compulsory rule for the companies to provide housing facilities for their employees. It was the time when...Read More

GST in Real Estate: No impact is good impact?

In the current scheme of things of India’s economy, the most contentious and the most complicated of all topics that is dominating all conversations is Goods and Services Tax, better known in its short form GST. As per the Government-identified rates, 12 % GST will be applicable on construction of bu...Read More

Don’t buy a home, print it now

Bricks, mortar, sand, mud, stone, etc. are the components of constructing a building since ages.  Hundreds of labors are also hired to put these elements together step by step. Our architectural history speaks out loud about the monuments that are raised with traditional methods. Now the technologica...Read More

Delhi’s Connaught place is 9th most expensive office market in the world

CBRE Group Inc. the leading global real estate consulting firm, today, announced the findings of the latest edition of its bi-annual Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs survey. According to the report, New Delhi’s Central Business District (CBD) of Connaught Place is the ninth most expensive prime of...Read More

Goa – Influence of Portugal in India

Goa was a part of the Mauryan Empire during the 3rd Century B.C. with successors like the Shillahars, the Kadambas and the Chalukyans ruling over for the next 700 years. Around 1312, the Muslims took over and it became an important port to carry horses to Hapmi through ships.  15th Century witnessed ...Read More

Reel to Realty – Through the real lens

Movies dare you to think in the zone of discomfort. They drag your psychological self in the area of your mind that was previously untouched. The stories are not always hypothetical but real life events are twisted in all degrees to come out with a new angle that can entertain and grab your attention...Read More

Housing For All: A proverbial fantasy

There is much hype around the visions set by Prime Minster Narendra Modi at the time of his undertaking of the coveted office in 2012. Of them all, the one entitled ‘Housing for All by 2022’ seems – as it seemed at the time of its announcement – a tremendous programme, both in size and scope. To prov...Read More

#GST in Realty

Called the single most important economic reform post-independence the new regime of Goods and Services Tax is all set to replace the existing indirect tax structure and paradigm from 1st July 2017. It is all set to radically transform all the sectors of Indian economy, and the infrastructure segment...Read More

Infrastructure – Lifeline of the Country

Infrastructure knits together the fundamental physical elements that are the building blocks of the economy and health of the country. It shapes the interaction within the natural habitat but is driven by human desires. The economic, health, agricultural, political and environmental subsystems commun...Read More

Job losses to impact residential property demand in IT cities

With job losses looming large for those employed in the IT industry, demand for residential realty across Indian IT hubs of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, as also Navi Mumbai in Mumbai and Noida in NCR could be impacted. Among cities, Bangalore and Pune both rely heavily on IT companies for not only job...Read More

Country to witness 90% growth in solar capacity in 2017

India, today, presents a case study for other members of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) on how to make solar power affordable largely due to government’s strong push to develop renewable energy, said Mr Ratul Puri, Chairman, CII NR Committee on Power & Chairman, Hindustan Power Projects P...Read More

75% corporates feel India is still Far from being a “Developed Nation”: CBRE Survey

CBRE South Asia Pvt. Ltd, announced the findings of its survey on“Journey from a developing nation to a developed nation”. The survey which included over 100 top corporates in the country and over 500 respondents was conducted by the Project Management group of CBRE. The survey was conducted to gauge...Read More