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Furniture on Rent – The New Trend

by Akhilesh K. Prasad, Renting is fast becoming a fad in India as it prevails in some of the developed countries of the world. However, while renting a car or a house has usually been common, whereas, renting household furniture is something that is still alien to many in the country. As a matter of ...Read More

Waste Management in real estate is a ‘Work-In-Progress’: Getamber Anand

The season of festivities is around the corner and one sector which is eagerly waiting for it to arrive in the Indian real estate sector. And why not, the real estate sector is majorly driven by sentiments which, currently, is lying low. The sales are not up to the mark and therefore, the developers ...Read More

Promises not fulfilled – A Game Unfair with Indian Farmers

by Anushree Ghosh, Development of Agriculture Infrastructure under the Modi Government As India is moving towards the next democratic decision to choose its government, it is time to analyze the promises made during the 2014 election campaign and actual achievements of the current government over the...Read More

How to Work Around the Idea of Selling Your Real Estate Project

by Anushree Ghosh, Marketing the real estate project in the right way The marketing world is filled with all forms of clutter, so in order to reach the target audience, you need to streamline the choices and opt for the right kind of marketing mix. Real estate is no different, some of the projects ne...Read More

Weekly Word Wizard

Welcome back to RealtyMyths Weekly Real Estate Word Wizard! Here are some terms that you should know. Arms-length transaction — Both parties to a transaction are acting in their own self-interest. Neither party is pressured by or acts in connection with the other to assure the fair market value of th...Read More

Weekly News Roundup

Welcome back viewers and here are the weekly real estate and city infrastructure updates for you. Let’s start this week’s update from the Urban real estate. Real estate in India’s urban areas will reach about 8.2 billion sq. Ft. by 2025 and the role of the real estate sector to India’s GDP will be ar...Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Sharing a Rented House

by Saloni Bisht, Everyone wants to live in the center of the city where all the buzz takes place. But unfortunately, these areas are unaffordable and making it impossible for the students and young professionals especially who move to the metro cities for higher studies or job purpose. Due to the hig...Read More

All the construction at Kant Enclave must be demolished: Supreme Court

In the long pending case of Kant Enclave, the Supreme Court, today held that land on which the proposed colony is located is a forest land. The court then ordered that all the construction in the region carried out after August 18, 1992 must be demolished before December 31st, 2018. A Bench of Justic...Read More

Delhi NCR’s Real Estate Market Post Dwarka Expressway

by Akhilesh K. Prasad, The Dwarka Expressway, also known as the Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) is an 8-lane and 29 Kms long highway that connects Dwarka in Delhi with Gurugram in Haryana. It has been developed as an alternative link route to ease traffic on the pre-existing NH-18 and Mehrauli- Gurugr...Read More

DIY Ideas for Home Decor in Autumn: It’s Time to Innovate

by Ankana Mitra, Being an Indian, we are blessed naturally with six beautiful seasons that fill our lives with all the colors around the year. Every season has its own significance, and among these, Autumn Fall is one of the most awaited seasons as it opens the flood of festivities. It also introduce...Read More

Weekly News Round Up

Welcome back viewers and here are the weekly real estate and city infrastructure updates for you. Let’s start with some of the updates from the construction industry. Supreme Court put a ban on construction activities in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh and Chandigarh. The court took this dec...Read More

Weekly Word Wizard

Welcome back to RealtyMyths weekly real estate word wizard! Here are some terms that you should know before buying your first home. Earnest money deposit — A partial payment by a buyer when submitting a contract that demonstrates the buyer’s commitment to the deal. The money, which is held in an escr...Read More

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