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RM Podcast – One Year of RERA, Hits and Misses

Saket Pathak & Santosh Sinha On May 1st, 2018, the Real Estate Regulatory Act, better known as RERA completed its first anniversary. After a long delay and multiple amendments, RERA was formally brought into action on May 1st, 2017 with the objective to ‘set in motion the process of making ...Read More

Delays in construction: It’s time to make authorities responsible

by Pooja Bhatia Time and again, buyers have encountered the problem in possession of the property. It happens mostly because of the delay in construction, in other words, delay in the completion of the project under development. Our natural instinct is to blame the property developer since they are t...Read More

Maintenance Charges: Whom should you pay!

Even though we buy a house, get the possession from the developer and start living, there are still many things that keep haunting you, time and again. From the time you book a house, there are multiple charges that you pay, some of which are disclosed upfront, while others are buried under loads of ...Read More

China and India: The difference in infrastructure planning and execution

Akilesh K.Prasad There have been inevitable comparisons between the growth stories of China and India; two of the fastest growing large economies in the world, over the last two decades or so. There are, however, aesthetic differences in the growth models of both these economies. The most outstanding...Read More

Breaking Myths ! Is your project delayed – Don’t curse your developer!

Whenever there is a delay at your real estate project, the first thing that you do is to curse your developer for the same. This is a very common and obvious reaction. But do you really know the reason behind that delay! So, we are here again with some myth-breaking information. And today we through ...Read More

Indian Real Estate- Is it the right time to Invest?

Pooja Bhatia Post-2016, after the demonetisation announcement, the real estate sector in India took an unprecedented turn. Affected by the slow pace of economic growth in India, the investment in property business also took a course of vigilance. To add to it, there was much news surrounding the impl...Read More

Podcast: The responsibility of EDC and IDC – The buck should stop

Santosh Sinha & Saket Pathak While buying a property or during the research phase, everyone would have come across the terms like EDC and IDC. Many would know their full forms as well but they would also know what they are and under whose responsibility them come if is a matter of doubt. You woul...Read More

Rural Electrification: Better Late than Never

On the 29th of April, 2018, the government of India claimed that 100% rural electrification has been achieved in India, Leisang in Senapati district of Manipur being the last of the 597,474 villages to be electrified. The claims of the government have been contested from many quarters. The opposition...Read More

Importance of Urban Planning Amidst Rising Environmental Peril

The world is moving from predominantly rural living to urban living. While on one hand, this has increased the density of population in urban locales, it has also created the substantial strain on natural resources, forests, ground water and quality of air making humans squarely at odds with the rest...Read More

My City, My Responsibility – Wake Up or perish

The city is an extension of our homes which makes it the collective responsibility of the citizens, city council and the government to work towards a cleaner neighbourhood, beautiful surroundings, healthier environment and a stronger nation. As a democracy, we, the citizens demand to live freely yet,...Read More

Urban Planning – How difficult it is to plan an already settled city

The dogged difficulty in converting the existing cities in India into “SMART Cities” and the fundamental challenges around the implementation of “Swach Bharat” in spite of the overarching political will, clearly highlights the challenges of undoing the erstwhile badly implemented urban plans. The wor...Read More

Crackdown on Benami Properties Much Slower than Expected

The honourable Supreme Court in Bhim Singh V. Kan Singh AIR 1980 SC 787 has explained Benami Property transaction as, “Where a person buys a property with his own money but in the name of another person without any intention to benefit such other person, the transaction is called Benami and the prope...Read More

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