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Weekly News Round Up – RealtyMyths

Hey guys! Welcome back to another weekly news roundup, where we inform you about the real estate happenings of the past week.  So let’s get started.  Beginning with SC’s latest rule. Recently the Supreme Court (SC) has ruled that in a Hindu woman married to a Muslim man is not entitled to the husba...Read More

Weekly Word Wizard – RealtyMyths

Welcome back to RealtyMyths weekly word wizard. Here are some terms for the week that you should know. Condominium Fee: A condominium fee is paid by all property owners of a condominium complex to cover ongoing maintenance costs. The fee is often based on the size of the condo unit and anticipated an...Read More

Has the Delhi government made proper arrangements for the homeless this winter? – RealtyMyths

by Akhilesh K Prasad Winter season has been a question of survival for Delhi’s homeless. To help them see through the ordeal, the Delhi government advocated a winter action plan which was rolled out in mid-November. The Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board has arranged facilities in accordance with ...Read More

Investment in Land : Pros and Cons – RealtyMyths

by Anushree Ghosh Pros and cons of investing in land Land investments have been one of the top three investment options in India and like the other options, it has its pros and cons. A piece of land can be used in several ways— home, hotel, resort, mall, multiplex, farm, etc. While there can be gover...Read More

Factors That Escalate Property Prices – RealtyMyths

by Anushree Ghosh Understanding the valuation of Properties Real estate continues to attract investments irrespective of the slow growth rate. Introduction of RERA and GST had put a dent in the system but it managed to survive and the momentum is regained. The market evaluation of the real estate pro...Read More

Real Estate in the Age of Digital Media – RealtyMyths

by Anushree Ghosh How the developers are using digital media? Reviews rule the market now, as a bunch of comments/reviews decides the fate of your business. In today’s time, the online reputation of a business can either build or completely destroy a business. Social media is extensively used by sell...Read More

Weekly Word Wizard – RealtyMyths

Welcome back to RealtyMyths weekly word wizard! Here are the words for this week. Contingency – A condition that must be met before a contract is legally binding. Delinquency – A loan in which a payment is overdue but not yet in default. Due-On-Sale Provision – A provision in a mort...Read More

Forecast of Indian warehouse and logistic market: 2019 – RealtyMyths

by Anushree Ghosh Analysis of the logistics industry for 2019 Current scenario of the Indian Logistics industry, government initiatives to organise the sector, the warehousing space of India, future growth and trends The Indian logistics industry has recorded a tremendous growth rate in the past few ...Read More

Residential Real Estate Trends in 2019: a Forecast – RealtyMyths

by Akhilesh K Prasad Residential real estate transcended a relatively dull phase in 2018. Some of the slowdowns were attributed to prevailing economic conditions, while implementation of reforms such as RERA 2016, GST and demonetisation also caused obstructions. However, residential real estate trend...Read More

Weekly Word Wizard – RealtyMyths

Welcome back to RealtyMyths weekly word wizard. Here are some real estate terms that you should know. Canvassing:The practice of making telephone calls or visiting from door to door to seek prospective buyers or sellers; in the real estate business, generally associated with acquired listings in a gi...Read More

Retail Real Estate in 2019: A Forecast – RealtyMyths

by Akhilesh K Prasad 2018 has been an active year for the Indian retail sector. Consequently, the retail real estate has witnessed growth. As we move into 2019, the following is our analysis of the retail market trends: Reforms: The Government has allowed 51% FDI in multi-brand retail and 100% FDI in...Read More

The effects of construction ban on real estate industry – RealtyMyths

by Saloni Bisht “Delay is the enemy of progress.” Eliot Spitzer The Indian Real estate industry has a very shady reputation for more than enough reasons. Over the years, due to countless scams, fraud, incomplete projects, delay in possession, and many such cases, this image of the real estate industr...Read More

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