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When you control the console of future reality


by Anushree Ghosh,

3D metamorphosed into 4D, as researchers added one more dimension to it, the virtual world came closer to reality. Through 4D, one can experience the real-time image of the projected object. This can be simply explained with the example of introducing 4D in cinema, i.e adding one more element to what is seen or felt on screen. Simulations might include smell, vibrations, wind, movement etc. With time we observe 4D becoming an integral part of many segments – medical imaging, seismic exploration, and animation. 4D printed products can transform on their own,  that is suggestive of their reaction with the outer elements. 4D helps in creating an illusion of reality, which is used in marketing for providing consumers with experiences that they can go through without actually buying the product.

One segment that is exclusively using this technology to woo its customers is real estate. Visiting each house and inspecting the pros and cons of living in it becomes tedious, and being an expensive affair one cannot do without it, also the property prices may rise while one is still researching. But if one is able to peep into the house and virtually experience the scenario if in case he/she decides to live in it, then it becomes easier. And when it comes to booking an under construction project, then it becomes all the more difficult to imagine the final product. Here technology comes to rescue, one can go through the 4D views of the properties that is on the potential buying list.

Buyers can view the whole house on the website, and can click on a particular segment to know the details. Each floor can be examined separately. In addition to the overall view of the house with the surroundings, one can experience the interior of each room. View from different angles can be explored by rotating the image as required. 4D also provides us with options to view the house as it would look in the morning, afternoon, evening and night; basically to gain an aesthetic sense of the look in different intensity of light and in artificial light. The potential buyer can also experience how it would feel to walk through an apartment on 44th or 50th floor.

The virtual experience is not only limited to the surroundings of the house but the future city plan can also be viewed, so one knows if a shopping mall or highway is about to come into existence in the near future. An app called ‘PropView’ comes up with a property list within 5 kms in the direction the phone is pointed.

4D has begun to modify product design technology as well and thus we can expect a huge change in infrastructure too. Many strands of our daily lives like solar panels, water pipelines, 4 D printed products, or medicinal apparatus are surely going to get advanced with the developing technology. The future implications are vast and can transform the world dramatically.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theatre actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural stories.

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