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DIY Ideas for Home Decor in Autumn: It’s Time to Innovate

DIY Ideas for Home Decor in Autumn: It's Time to Innovate

by Ankana Mitra,

Being an Indian, we are blessed naturally with six beautiful seasons that fill our lives with all the colors around the year. Every season has its own significance, and among these, Autumn Fall is one of the most awaited seasons as it opens the flood of festivities. It also introduces the mild and misty aspect of the nature that bloom in our gardens in the form of Rose, Dahlia, and Chrysanthemums.

Nature has its own way of healing. Having faced the scorching heat in the summers and then being drenched heavily throughout the rains, Autumn is the time to heal our mind, body, and soul. It is the time when we fill our surroundings with nature’s own colors. It is the time when we innovate and improvise our creativity to make our home and surroundings welcome the Autumn Fall.

Here are the six easy and Do It Yourself creative improvisations that we can bring to our houses this Autumn. Let’s make our surroundings beautiful again.

  1. Engage in recreation with wall colors

Colors play an important role in interior designing and it also makes a sense of joy because color has a profound influence on the mind of the people. So, choosing an appropriate color for the appropriate season is very important for seasonal refreshment and fall is the fabulous time to experiment with stunning tones.

  1. Beautify your home with curtains

Use of curtains, not only gives you an elegant room divider but also broaden your outlook, in designing options for autumn fall. Because they’re available in a wide variety of colors & patterns you can choose any of the options. Moreover, curtains like scalloped- edge valances or beaded tiebacks that really make your home rustic.

  1. Decorate your home with Flora & Fauna

With the Flowers, you can enjoy every gulp of autumn. Flowers are favorite all year round. Especially in autumn, flowers are in full bloom and it is the great time to replace the flowers with fresh autumn flowers like hibiscus, lilies, dahlia, ivy-leaved cyclamen etc. in your vases.

  1. Candles

Candles of bright tones & earthy colors are nice for your cozy corners. Choose colors which will complement your wall shades & furniture. This would surely add a new zing to your dreamland.

  1. Rugs and furniture

Rugs and furniture play a significant role with each other to enhance your autumn theme. Rugs make really soft to your feet. Use bright colors of rugs with dark wood furniture would be the perfect combination for your place.

  1. Add cushions

Using a wide variety of patterns & layer different size & shapes of cushions you can instantly transform the look of your sofa. A cushion can be used to pop of colors to space with a bold display. With the combination of fabrics such as velvet, woven fabrics, leather & so on one can easily give a festive touch to your place.

Many times renovating the entire house with the new set of curtains or rugs or even the cushions become a costly affair. However, as we say autumns bring new colors to our lives, it brings new and innovative thinking as well. There are many ways through which we can save money and still give our house a brand new look. Recycling is one such way. When we talk about changing the curtains, can we think of an innovative use of our old curtain sets! Can we think of creating our own customized candles from the wax of used candles! Or, can we recycle our old curtain sets to make cushion covers! These are some of the ways in which we can give our creativity new wings and our houses a completely new look. Moreover, this can also become an art and craft lesson for our younger generation. Autumn brings many new ideas, it’s time to grab some!

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