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The dooms day is inevitable – Act Now or Extinct!


irresponsiblecapitalSouma Mukherjee

The hideous smog in Delhi took away all our smiles for a week and is still continuing. The center and state Government played their own set of politics. Some protested at Jantar Mantar, a mask for some was a new accessory, and the rest celebrated an extended Diwali. Media went full throttle with all the updates, tips, even selling masks, but all in vain. According to a new WHO report, New Delhi was the 11th most-polluted city, in India while Gwalior (2), Allahabad (3), Patna (6) and Raipur (7) figured in the top seven. Even though the current report says the air is hazardous, yet who cares? Demonetization is the new stunt to get all the attention. It’s horrendous to see how we act in herds like a twitter trend (mostly paid) and move on. Ironic!

Rapid industrialization, construction boom have rapidly impacted the environment in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. As per the current report, the Aam Admi Party’s tactical approach doesn’t show much difference. Automobile, Real estate, Chemical Industry, Power Plants have been polluting the city. However, we rarely see some major initiative towards our environment. Corporate social responsibility has become the way out in a form of publicity stunt for some media coverage, builders like Raheja, Assotech, EMAAR, Gulshan Homz, Gaursons, and Amrapali are leading the race of minting CSR initiatives for personal promotions.

Burning loads of fuel and posting a flowery update on social media is what this generation has got to give in return. Well, this isn’t acting responsibly. It seems the D-day is inevitable. As per the report by WHO, 80 percent of city dwellers are breathing toxic air.

We all are interdependent and interconnected. The imbalances have already caused immense harm to nature. It’s high time to head towards progress responsibly by our own self, rather than following a political agenda. Regardless of the situation, the society (yes, even I am a part of it) is still striving to eradicate pollution.

Who is responsible! Us? Or the one we are blaming? Eventually, it has now become important to own the responsibility. Else, we have been an irresponsible capital. It is up to us, act now or extinct.

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