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What do European vintage homes have but we don’t?

European architectural delight is a story of inspiration and instant likings. You will immediately fall in love with the exterior of a European building as much as you will love its interiors. It is no exaggeration to call it a lavish home in the warmth of luxury and by this; we mean their idea of home decoration, construction layouts, home interiors like flooring and rooftop, as few examples.

Mythbuster Pooja

We share with you few briefs on how the European vintage or classic style home settings still impress us. Since it is a very broad topic, as many European countries have own style, we only pick what seems more relevant to us in the present times.

Vintage Construction Layout

The home designs are very well-lit and properly ventilated. You will find high ceiling homes, big windows installed and a small, pretty garden area, which makes it look stunning and at the same time, it is deemed to be eco-friendly. There was cellar designed in the whole house to segment the laundry section and other storage requirements.

There used to be a library, a back stairway, and a cellar door to exit the house to the garden or the spick and span narrow streets. Sometimes, there were windows adjacent to the main door entrance, which were vertically operated, like pulling and pushing down, shutters we mean. They also the steeper roof to keep themselves warm inside the home.

The winding staircase in small steps adorned the beauty of the house. The main floor of every home had a large spacious hall; usually, octagon shaped and attached to it, was the beautiful spiral, coiling stairs in fine finish of wood in natural colours.

The kitchen was properly ventilated and had windows on two different sides and the doors were installed in a way so as to not disturb the activity inside the kitchen. There was an independent chimney installed inside the same premise.

The bedrooms were large and spacious and again, properly ventilated. High ceiling in large square patterns exuberated luxury and comfort. There were closet rooms for day to day convenience. Most of the English homes have an extra, well-maintained space, to be used for bedroom storage or as a smoking zone inside the house.
Vintage Home Interiors

The harsh weather conditions made it necessary to keep the home heated and it was implemented using a furnace. There was a fireplace made of fine steel grates or wood and it was centre-piece to the kept interior décor, and the furniture style was the classy comfort and with tall backs in cushioned style. There were enough furniture pieces to sit comfortably to listen to music or enjoy reading personally.

The brick fireplace provision was diminutive in presence inside the bedroom but an evident part of their lives. There were wide front porches used for convenience and indulgence in nature.

The English were very formal in their approach and hence, symmetry played an important role in colonial style architecture. For example, they had evenly shaped and laid home window shutters, the rounded windows or the dormers. Similarly, the big columns inside the home were also of proportionate appearance. Heavy-wooden doors and multi coloured tiles were the vivid orientation of the Europeans.

Of course, the arch style architectural décor continues to inspire us. Perhaps, we can do another feature on the types of architecture layouts, emphasizing on the subject, may be a photo essay, to begin with. Watch this space for more.

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