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How has the furniture concept changed in our lifestyle?

How has the furniture concept changed in our lifestyle?

Until recently, buying furniture for home was prestige. It still is, however, our approach towards that ‘something prestige’ has undergone a transformation. Once considered to be a long-form asset, a one-time investment, at least for two decades, the furniture stuff at home is still an ordinary requirement but with a difference.

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The prominent difference is the word ‘fashion’ attached to it now. There are so many new options to buy a sofa set. Even some traditional furniture markets, like the famous Kirti Nagar in West Delhi, is offering something fresh to look at. A sofa may be still bulky, yet, its shape, the curves, the material, the colour, the comfort, or the number of sofa seats you need to be comfortable at home, the concept of fixtures is slowly changing. The sofa set must look stylish and comfort together. Enter the world of L-shaped long stretch’s or three-seater, parallel to each other.

Never mind the guests at home. How many of them you really must entertain at home now and if you do, there is plenty to lay around like the raising back covered chairs or the English style big comforter’s sofas lying in one corner of the living room. It looks posh and plush together. Any cushioned stuff is comfortable for the guests and nobody really cares how many sofa pieces or furniture is lying around in the drawing room. All they care is, the interior décor should perfectly complement each other.

The dining space at home had long-back gone micro. The 4-seater, the sleek setting of the dining table still holds a strong place. It has practically got everything to do with the apartment size we live in. Most of us are crumbled for space and would prefer more walkable space inside the home to make it look spacious and breathable.

Another trend is the availability of replaceable (concept) furniture’s available on every shopping platform. We have a plethora of options to choose from and most of it is a good bargain especially with season sales and online discounts. The coloured images on-screen and the off-the-screen display looks good in every corner.

There is also a smarter way to invest. We need more furniture space in our present scheme of life. We try and make the best use of the attached balcony to mingle in nature. There are terrace gardens for friendly-family hangouts. And of course, there is plenty to shop in furniture for the lavish garden space to enjoy a pleasant moment out of the home.

In the bedroom space too, the change is prominent. Not only the steel almirahs are out, the wooden furniture aka the wooden cupboards are going a change in style and appearance. People like it decorated in the matte or glossy finish and have a lot to experiment with colours. Some of us still stick to the basics of beige and brown, however, there is still something to change. It is the pulling door style making way for sliding doors to consume less space in the room. We like to see the open space, no matter how little we have of it.

Gone are the TV stands, the big cabinets or even the bulky Chester’s. But we still need space to keep our stuff and hydraulic beds makeup to a certain extent to fill the old clothes or the winter stuff. There are still Chester drawers, we need them, but their design and shape keep on undergoing small reinventions and when the latest make hits the market, it nearly makes the old style seem redundant.

It only means one thing; that we are thinking smarter to decorate the home or do the interiors with a plush of utility and style together.

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