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Griha Pravesh on Dhanteras

by Anushree Ghosh

Importance of shifting home on an auspicious day

There are many myths associated with the land of beliefs, India. But, the celebration of different festivals across the land holds the country together. Dhanteras is one such auspicious festival in the Hindu calendar that marks the foundation of Diwali. It is believed that when the Gods and demons churned the ocean, Dhanvantri, the Hindu god of medicine, emerged from it with a potion in his hand, thus the word Dhanteras is derived from Dhanvantri. This day also Signifies prosperity and wealth. It is believed that buying metals like gold on this day brings fortune to the household.

When it is about investing in a property or shifting to a new house, people generally opt for auspicious days, as it is believed to bring good luck to them. Also, performing a Griha Pravesh puja on this day is considered to be extremely significant for the overall benefit of the family. Here, Griha Pravesh refers to the first entry in the house on an auspicious day. The rituals of this process make the place alive. The family members carry the sacrificial fireplace to the different areas of the house, and the various therapeutic ingredients used in the fire purify the place and kill insects.

When you enter a new place, you would want to fill it with vibrant energies. People prefer shifting on the day of Dhanteras, as this day is considered auspicious enough to drive away all the negative energies and evil spirits. This day is held in high regard according to the Hindu beliefs.

The science behind performing Griha Pravesh is to introduce circulation of air that could have been stagnant due to different reasons. For instance, carbonic acid accumulated in all the abundant places is denser than air and doesn’t move easily. Performing the pooja ritual helps to clear the bad air – the smoke from the fire and the gathering of people cause a circulation in the environment and push out the stagnant air through windows and doors.

The five crucial elements of the earth are brought together for this ceremony: milk is used to signify water as an element, flowers represent earth, fire is used in its purest form, incense symbolizes air, and the sound of the bell is used to represent space. The powers of these elements are brought together and offered to the deities to ask for their blessings.

After the Griha Pravesh rituals are over, people celebrate the ownership of the new house by distributing sweets and having guests over dinners. This lifts up the spirit of the house and brings positive energy from everywhere.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theater actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural stories

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