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Growing market of home automation in India

by Saloni Bisht

Long gone are the days when a smart home was a thing of science fiction and only existed in Sci-Fi movies. Today, a smart home means a house that consists automation systems that enables the residents with the luxury of smooth control over various elements of their home. In India, the state of home automation is changing constantly. Since the last couple of years, due to the hikes in technology, smart homes has put up in the urban sector. Affordability is another major reason for its growth among the middle-income group.

Advance automation system includes the digital security system, lighting control, door processing, temperature control, smoke alarm etc. These advanced technologies not only provide convenience but also aid in conserving energy. This makes your home a green home. The home automation demand is majorly growing among the Double Income No Kid (DINK) and Double Income Single Kid (DISK) families. As, unlike old days when people use to live in a joint family, where the home was barely left alone, now people live in a nuclear family. Hence, to stay connected with their home they are opting for home automation.

The range of smart appliances is rapidly increasing. According to the recent study, there are approximately 165 million plus smart home products worldwide. Now the question arises, what is the source of awareness among the buyers? To begin with, builders play a huge role in educating people about the new technologies. People are attaining awareness through model/demo apartments and advertisements of the new projects where the developers promote smart homes. Apart from this, the other source is the internet.

Following are some widely used home automation devices-:

Voice Control Device:

With the launch of Alexa (Amazon) and Google assistant, the automation system in India have jumped to the voice control service. You can now control applications and certain appliances via your voice command.

Affordable Appliances:

As aforementioned, affordability is a significant factor for the growth of home automation in India. The accessibility of robust, cost-efficient, and energy conserving appliances, which can be operated via smartphones.

Security Device:

The advanced security system is the most widely used appliance in the country. As safety is a huge concern hence no one would want to compromise on it. With an advanced security system, you can operate and keep an eye from any corner of the world.

Opting for a Smart Home is the best way for you to contribute to preserving energy and saving the earth. Of course, there are additional perks like luxury and comfort. This will only make your lifestyle smooth and convenient.

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