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GuestHouser: Now own a home wherever you travel

GuestHouser: Now own a home wherever you travel

12105788_1016788358378087_1754587024750325529_nSouma Mukherjee

Whether you are a newbie traveller or a seasoned globetrotter, living in a homestay and searching the one that suits you the best can seem a daunting task at first, if you have never lived before with a family that wasn’t your own.  Yet, homestays are steadily gaining popularity amongst travellers with numerous families opening their homes to those from all over the world and the diverse experiences they endeavour to create for their new houseguests.

Homestays are the new “it” thing for the new breed of travellers, as travel is no longer about staying in a boxy hotel room and a guided tour. It has now morphed into becoming mostly about an authentic experience of a chosen destination. Bearing this in mind, 25-year old Dhruv Sharma, Founder and CEO of GuestHouser, saw an opportunity in bringing together owners of second homes and travellers looking for an authentic local experience while exploring their chosen destinations. This was brought to fruition with the establishment of GuestHouser in 2014, an online accommodation portal that curates unique accommodations. GuestHouser is disrupting the travel industry by enabling travellers to own a home wherever they travel, and pay only for the days they stay! With GuestHouser, travellers can be homeowners wherever they wish, and for as long as they wish.

Says Dhruv Sharma “This opportunity was an obvious one, as we saw that there was a complete disconnect between a person looking for alternative accommodation apart from hotels and the number of such spaces that were actually available out there. If a person wanted to book a villa or homestay say in Coonoor, the common man wouldn’t have even thought two years ago that something like this exists or that he could have access to it for a holiday. We bridge the gap, so that travellers can now have an entirely novel accommodation experience. Be it a pool villa in Goa, a cottage with a private fireplace in Manali, a tree house perched atop rolling tea slopes, a houseboat on serene backwaters, a homestay in Kerala, or a tent in Rajasthan, we enable travellers to make any space their home for as long as they chose to.”

GuestHouser has brought about a sea change in the way people travel by bringing them into contact with local owners of accommodations. Every homestay experience as varied as the families who host them and the culture they belong to. Imagine receiving a relaxing head massage—the nostalgic ‘chumpy’—at the wizened yet tender hands of an unconditionally loving grandma. Or maybe familiarising yourself with the nooks and crannies of the place you are dwelling in, and making the city your confidante as you leisurely explore it on foot. With their extensive selection of Indian homestays, you are sure to have an unforgettably pleasant and heart-warming vacation—getaway and still be homeward bound! This is also a viable source of income for hosts, who get to make money from hosting their homes for travellers, while travellers are able to own homes temporarily wherever they go! Seems like a win-win for both sides!

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