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Guide to add greenery to your small spaces : RealtyMyths

Green home RealtyMyths

by Ankana

The relation between plants and human being is vital. Both depend on each other for survival. Humans depend on plants for oxygen, while plants depend on humans for carbon dioxide. Plants provide us with foods, fibre, medicine and fuel. The basic food for all organism is produced by green plants. In the process of their food production, oxygen is released which is essential for a living organism to breathe. Everyone is aware of the increased level of pollution that is lowering the amount of oxygen in the air. There’s not much you can do about the pollution in the surroundings apart from growing trees. But there’s something you can do to breathe fresh air at home.

Following are the tips on how you can make your small space green:

Convert your wall into Bio-wall:

The bio-wall is the best way for urban people to abbreviate the gap between them and nature. By hanging colourful pots or lining up the Minerva Natural pots on the side wall your house will get a sprightly touch. You can also cut the walls up to the brick area and fix the plants with the help of soil and manure. This will provide cooling in your house and make it look beautiful.

Climbing Plants:

Climbing plants like Money plants, Geloy etc. can change the look of your balcony, windows and doorways. One of the best thing with these creepers is that it works as a curtain and shield your home from the sun.

Kitchen garden:

Nowadays, people intake vegetables that are chemically fertilized and severely harm their health. Keeping this in mind, we can develop a kitchen garden using organic manure which will save your money as well as helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

DIY Gardening:

When it comes to gardening you can do a lot with recycling materials. There are many things that people think are trash but can be reused, such as broken buckets, mugs, bottles and so on. For example: Instead of using pots, you can use small mugs, bottles etc. that will showcase your creativity. It is also a very pocket-friendly way.

As mentioned above, pants can help your surroundings by lowering the level of pollution in your house. These indoor and outdoor vertical gardening ideas are the best technique to breath fresh air. It is known by all that having plants at home creates a warm and calm surrounding which leads to a happy lifestyle.

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