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Our heritage and culture makes us proud, yet not responsible


Souma Mukherjee

Being a citizen of a country with such heritage and culture makes us proud, yet not responsible. People round the globe respect our culture, people, traditions, but the reality is harsh when they step in. The art and architecture is depreciating with our irresponsible attitude. We are turning the white to yellow, further to black. Roads getting dirtier, drains still are water clogged, air getting polluted, are we waiting for the d day to come? Nothing can change, if you don’t. So let’s pledge for a change this 70th Independence, let’s give back some to nature.


Jams generally occur in two situations, firstly when some drivers act smart with their driving skill set, secondly during maintenance or construction. We generally don’t realize that with time our population is also growing, millions of cars hit the roads every week. The only way to solve such situation is to change the attitude towards your city and society. A small step towards can make a bigger change. Odd-even in Delhi was such example, the result wasn’t great but jam was under control.

P.s. follow the traffic rules!



For a generation, it became a reality. Summers were difficult, isn’t it? The climate has been really dynamic in years.The scorching heat has been irresistible. India, being a superpower still lacks in the power supply, thus let’s take a leap rather than getting used to situations. Solar has been a great entrant with great possibilities for our future. We should at least have a backup for crisis, relying on the government won’t solve your problem immediately, but you can make a difference. Imaging it’s a food for all India and we need to share, it’s not a personal benefit.



We breathe in to breathe out, fact! Our creation is bonded to nature strongly. We can’t ignore nature or take it out from our life, still we get selfish and engage ourselves in our personal comfort. We don’t even realize, but pollute the environment with silly acts. The contamination of our air, water, and soil is killing evolution and has made us an endangered species of this world. Let’s give our bit by educating people about burning plastic or throwing garbage. Think this world as your home, might not be for you but for some it is.



Water has also been contaminated in years. We still see local conflicts happening with water supply. It’s high time for us to realise that just a percentage of drinking water is left for us. Technology today is easily available to purify water. Recently a draught in Maharashtra was an example to all of us to be cautious and preserve water usage. We shouldn’t make our future generation quench in thirst. Rainwater harvesting, micro gardenings will help to fight this situation.


Gurgaon, millennium city, rain, water drainage system, town planning, real estate, Aravali, realtymythss

Gurgaon last month has set an example for all urban planners, that the so-called millennium city was shut for a day. Drainage has always been an agenda and concern for every ruling party, still, it’s incomplete an unsolved puzzle of masterplan. Hence, the only saviour is to solve our own bit, but without harming any others. Best way to execute is to consult with a professional and find a solution. Heavy rain can fall a city in hours, let’s put an effort towards this


NEW DELHI, MAR 31 (UNI):- People cover their nose while going past heaped garbage as employees of East Delhi Municipal Corporation went on strike on not getting salary, in East Delhi locality Lakshmi Nagar on Tuesday. UNI PHOTO-25U

You don’t have to be a BJP follower to clean your city, yes people often comment on cleanliness and hygiene but still waits for a week for the garbage boy to clean dustbins. India still lacks in waste management, let’s accept this reality. Litter are one of the major sources of disease creation. Swach Bharat can only be possible with your efforts, let’s keep it clean. RWA societies should take an initiative towards with their own garbage management.

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