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Infrastructure Development- Who is responsible?

Infrastructure Development- Who is responsible?

We often book flats and after all the struggles, eventually, get possession as well. However, when we go shift to our new abode with all the excitements, enthusiasm and expectations of starting new innings of our lives, we suddenly encounter a bundle of problems which are beyond imaginations.

Yes, this is the common story of every other person who dreamt of living in metros and booked the flats. Ironically, they pay all the charges related to each and every kind of development long before they actually shift to their houses. Payments like External Development Charges (EDC), Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC), maintenance charges etc. are all collected before the handover of the flats and irrespective of whether the development has actually happened on the ground or not!

Apparently, a developer is responsible for all the developments required in his project area. These developments include internal sewer lines, electricity connections, internal roads, pavements, playing and green areas etc. However, all the other development like connecting roads, external sewer lines, waste collection and disposal system etc. fall under the responsibility area of the local authorities. Though these authorities collect the money through developers only, they seldom come into the forefront and therefore, never get into the firing lines of the agitating customers who, otherwise, keep cursing the developers for all the discrepancies.

It is, therefore, important to understand and identify the real culprits. It is important to raise voice against them and expose them in full throttle. It is time to Wake Up and stand for our rights. It is time to fix the responsibility and accountability for each and every job assigned to each and every developer and authority. If the developer does not perform, make him pay. But, if the authorities do not perform, do not let them go. They are equally accountable and must be brought to justice. Wake Up India!

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