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Life is wire(less)d, technology is transforming Infrastructure

Life is wire(less)d, technology is transforming Infrastructure
India, the global village, is evolving, especially with the technology sector. In this digital era we have observed some great inventions and infrastructural developments. The IT sector, the one which was mostly outsourced, is now a massive industry in product innovations, from satellites (the so called rocket science) launches to smart phones. Yes, in the last five years, there has been a paradigm shift.
lllSouma Mukherjee

Hitches, glitches and confusion still lie, yet we are on the go. Digital products are solving problems in every human cycle. News (News Apps) Education (Online Courses), Travel and Transport (Let’s travel, trip, book a cab), banking (go cashless, try e- wallet), real estate (book an apartment online), e-commerce ( again) Food (especially for the lazy one’s, order and eat, anytime). Really, just look around your daily life circle; we are no more technologically handicapped. OMG! Reality check!

The launch of Reliance JIO, yes the free internet, is indeed a breakthrough in the telecom industry, even though the call drops! The penetration of internet has already doubled with an access to smart devices. Indeed, the fact that the device in your pocket is smart enough to control your life is enthralling. Simplifications have made us more adaptable towards technology. Even Real Estate and Infrastructure sectors, the ones who were judged on their adaptability abilities, have moved on massively. Home automation, artificial intelligence, home security systems are the way forward. Developers have already created apps that connect you closer to create transparency and relationships; though some are weird and some play on hate-love relations.

Online booking, bidding, e-payments, social interactions are already part of real estate sector. Some developers have gone even further with technological innovations like Home Automations, controlling home with a smart phone! Lights, doors, temperature, colours all integrated in a simple app. The future seems not too far with the Smart City Mission 2022, though practically that would take some more time, yet can be smartly done.

These technological innovations are revolutionary and we can envision a smart adaptation soon. Life is indeed wire(less)d, yet technology is transforming this nation.

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