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MCD is Ruining Delhi – Do you agree?

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is primarily responsible to administer the civic amenities of the residents of Delhi. It has been trifurcated into three separate Corporations – north, east and south. The responsibilities include looking after the drainage system, maintaining water & power supply, running public health care facilities and schools, manage the construction of roads and flyovers, recovering taxes, maintaining death and birth records, ensuring street lights everywhere, etc. MCD receives fund from the centre and state government.

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Above-mentioned responsibilities need a vigil surveillance & constant working by the different sections of MCD, but a keen analysis of the condition of Delhi tells a different story. Here are a few areas where the failure is clearly visible:

  • The sanitation workers Of MCD go on strike quite often. This January almost 15, 000 workers of East Delhi went on strike for 15 days, which resulted into Delhi becoming an open ground for dumping garbage. Untimely payment, no-availability of proper sanitation products to the workers were a few of the reasons for their outrage. This is clearly a failure on MCD responsibility to maintain a clean Delhi.
  • With much pomp and show South Delhi’s first multi specialty municipal hospital was announced to be upgraded and completed in 2015. Today, we don’t see it fully functional with only an OPD working to its credit. The other departments don’t even exist.
  • The Rani Jhansi flyover to link Pusa Road and ISBT has been hanging over with the tag of ‘Under Construction’ since 10 years. It clearly disrupts the traffic and causes a lot of air pollution.
  • Installing gas pipelines everywhere in Delhi would be quite an achievement, but before Delhi becomes fully equipped with this facility, the debris from the ongoing process which is never cleared, causes a lot of problem. Rain water gets logged and traffic nuisance is another concern.
  • After the horrific Nirbhaya rape case, MCD took over the responsibility to complete the renovation of Nirbhaya Science Museum. It was promised in 2013 but nothing has changed so far. The building still stands in its debilitated status.
  • The delay in under bridge construction near Rampura area has caused several deaths in the locality.
  • MCD has increased the rates of parking in Delhi, especially around Connaught Place but the parking facilities are not a par for which the vehicle owner ends up paying more than expected.
  • Many plans for constructing air conditioned toilets in Delhi have failed. Open defecation is not only a problem in the villages of India but metros like Delhi too, are facing the unhygienic consequences.
  • Every year around the rainy season, MCD is unable to control the spread of diseases like dengue and chickengunya.

The MCD is undoubtedly failing to help the residents of Delhi in leading a happy and healthy life.  Exceeding budgets and projects taking longer than expected time is creating havoc in the life of the Delhiites. High time, MCD realizes the faults and start making amendments.

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