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New role for Mr. Amrit Pal Singh joining Aprameya Group as an Executive Director

Congratulations Mr. Amrit Pal Singh for joining Aprameya Group as an Executive Director and setting up another goal in life to flourish yet another brand in the market.

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Mr. Amrit Pal Singh, Executive Director – Aprameya Group

Tell us something about your real estate journey so far

Having begun my journey as a marketer with my stint in international marketing in 1996, I gathered a lot of insight into the intricacies of business and built proficiency in handling clients from varied business and cultural backgrounds. This experience of global marketing paved my way into Real Estate. The vision and acumen gathered in my first foray as a marketer providing solutions for printing requirements of clients of a global stature and my subsequent assignments into the field of printing and advertising were a key component of my ingress to real estate. Having understood people, preferences and marketing processes in great detail, I was in a position to put my knowledge to productive use in an efficient manner. My success as an international marketer with brands like Ralph Lauren, Polo, Vero Moda and Jack and Jones enabled me to devise marketing plans to promote visibility and acceptance for key projects by builders of repute and subsequently handling their social and niche marketing expectations. All these assignments that I handled over the years have substantiated my position as a marketer and established my expertise in real estate.

Share your few key learning from the previous assignments

I have learnt a lot of valuable and indispensable lessons from working in the real estate arena. A deep and distinctive understanding of people and preferences is undoubtedly one of the most important ones amongst these. I have also honed my skills as a marketer and have developed insight into charting out the right marketing mix based on the target audience. Fostering corporate relations is another part of my learning whilst in real estate. All these have helped me mature as a person as well as a marketer.

How do you perceive the current market situation?

The real estate arena has been underperforming for the past couple of years. Growth is not what it was expected to be. There have been many factors responsible for this including the global economic slowdown, some policy impediments, and the likes. However, the conditions now seem to be picking up. With a couple of favourable rulings from the Honourable Supreme Court and general improvement in market sentiment on account of mending conditions of the market have started attracting investor interest which is a good sign for the industry. Indian real estate has a long way to go before it matures to global standards and that promises a lot of scope for expansion and growth. With improving market conditions and positive investor sentiment, the market should pick up in a short while and real estate will once again be the centre of investors’ interest it was before the slowdown. All in all, the sector still shows a lot of promise and quite a distance to cover before saturation sets in.

Any mechanics which you feel can break this hurdle for your next job assignment?

My inspiration is the love of the field and the satisfaction I get out of making a meaningful contribution to my assignments. I am a people’s person and love to interact with people from different backgrounds and with different mindsets for which I get ample opportunity staying in this field. I love the challenges marketing provides me with. With its varied challenges, real estate marketing keeps my wits sharp and my faculties focused. It gives me a chance to stretch myself and prove my expertise time and again. My will to prove myself even under the most adverse conditions is what keeps me going.

Any key initiatives which is there in the pipeline?

In my opinion, the only sure shot way to the establishment of an organisation as a brand is through integrity and commitment. One has to stay true to the industry and deliver consistently against what they are committing. A brand is built on trust and consumer trust comes from consistent performance. As an organisation, one also has to stay true to their values and uphold integrity in every aspect of business. Practicing such values in the long term leads to building of trust and subsequently emergence of a brand.

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