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Real Brand Value is the key to sustenance in real estate – Vidhi Kamra

                                           Vidhi Kamra, General Manager-Branding at Earth Infrastructures started her career as a freelance branding and marketing professional. Gradually, she entered real estate sector where she is working for last six years. She has been associated with Earth Infrastructures since its inception and is looking after their branding and communications. She believes in her brand and shares clarity of purpose which, eventually, gets her moving. Here’s the glimpse of her journey shared with team RealtyMyths:

What is your role at Earth Infrastructures and how do you look forward to use your expertise to help the brand grow?

Earth Infrastructures was a major decision of my life. The company had its own opportunities and problems and I have learnt and grown with them. Real estate as a market is very dynamic. There were many shifts and transition which allowed me to position by brand accordingly and gain from it. Though, have worked on every aspect of marketing and branding, I am now mostly focusing on the ATL & BTL activities. Earth Infra has set its own benchmark and my biggest responsibility is to maintain and sustain the brand identity. Digital branding is something which seems of great interest to me.

What challenges you expect in this role?

Things have been smooth since inception. Our strategies are meant to control marketing challenges for the brand. As market is dynamic, I keep myself prepared for it rather than facing distress and crisis.

Achievements in this role that you want to discuss?

The place where I am standing right now is in itself an achievement. I have seen a lot of ups and downs, leaped hurdlers step by step. Now when I look back at my six years of journey, I find many moments to cherish and learn.

Describe your typical day – what does your work/life balance look like?

Normally, I am tied up with work, but work is not typical. We learn, share and build teams to create a good brand strategy. Priorities are important for us, thus we believe in timely delivery.

Which other personality in the industry do you admire and why?

Mr. Atul Gupta, CMD, Earth Infrastructures has been a mentor, guide and a great boss. It’s a blessing and honour to work with such a personality. I wish to work more with him.

Do you love reading? Where do you keep yourself updated about the market?

Yes indeed but I rarely get time to read books. I follow newspapers like ET and TOI to keep updated.

What do you want to personally and professionally accomplish in the next five year?

I want to learn more about my profession. I want to grow step by step as every step is important for me. Reaching on the top is always something everyone wants and I look forward too.

What advice can you offer to others who are on similar career path?

Honestly, all should remember:-

  1. Hard Work
  2. Pro-activeness
  3. Clarity of purpose

Rate your brand on the current status (1-10) and why?

9, we are a great brand and have set a benchmark in the market with our projects and delivery. Though there are miles yet to cover.

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