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Reel to Realty – Through the real lens

Reel to Realty  – Through the real lens
Movies dare you to think in the zone of discomfort. They drag your psychological self in the area of your mind that was previously untouched. The stories are not always hypothetical but real life events are twisted in all degrees to come out with a new angle that can entertain and grab your attention. While there are so many movies on various issues, we hardly might have noticed that there are movies based on real estate – problems, solutions, and consequences.

Anushree Ghosh

  • Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – Story of four real estate salesmen who become desperate when they compete against each other for the position of top two. It is about the human nature to play by false rules when it is about livelihood. They do whatever is required for survival. The movie is brilliantly conceptualized to exhibit Darwinism in Real Estate. It is a must watch for people who question ethical business.

    Dir : James Foley
  • 99 Homes (2015) – The story revolves around the deep instilled fear of shame, that of being homeless. A home is the most prized possession for anyone in a lifetime and without it you are left psychologically crippled. The protagonist after being evicted gets trapped in the eviction business himself. The society is vicious and you never know when you get stuck in a place you never wished to even enter.

    Dir: Ramin Bahrani

  • The Amityville Horror(2005) – What could happen if you end up buying a house that was formerly a site of mass murder? If you believe in supernatural powers, this could be a pretty horrendous experience.

    Dir : Andrew Douglas

  • Closing Escrow (2007) – The director tries to insert elements of fun in the extremely serious issues related to buying a house. The couples are ridiculously weird creating funny situations. A movie where you get to check the reality of realty through comedy.Dir: Armen Kaprelian
  • Pacific Heights (1990) – A couple buys a Victorian home and to pay for the same keep tenant, but circumstances become difficult when the tenant turns out to be a psycho. He wants the couple to leave the property so that he could take it up for cheap. So much for the possession of a place to live in.Dir: John Schlesinger
  • The Money Pit (1986) – It is about a couple who found a place in a hurry and then struggle with the dilapidated condition of the house. A staircase collapses, a bathtub breaks down, and the walls get reduced to bricks and mortars. It is a constant struggle when you have to fight every moment to even keep your house in a livable condition.Dir – Richard Benjamin
  • The Big Short (2015) – This movie is based on the real estate crash and provides pointers for the ‘to do’ list for people who want benefits from the growth of real estate in future. The effects of the real estate recession are long term and there still be people who are facing the consequences. The real estate agents can learn about the dos and don’ts from this movie.

    Dir : Adam McKay


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