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RWA: The Mechanism of Interdependency

RWA: The Mechanism of Interdependency

by Anushree Ghosh

Resident Welfare Association is a committee formed to aid the residents in maintaining a quality life by handling the maintenance of the place and securing the rights of the people. It is the representative body that stands out to support the rights of the members when required. It is the supervisory body that monitors if the rules of the society are followed diligently. RWA is also accountable for collecting funds and using the same for the welfare of the society.

Usually, after the settlement takes place in a newly developed society, RWA is formed by the residents to organize the daily functions of the society. If the process is not initiated by the developer then the residents must do it themselves. However, legal registration of RWA is mandatory to be acknowledged as a proper committee, in order to enjoy the legal rights. As per the rules, each committee must have more than seven members who are adults. The primary positions are of the president, treasurer, and secretary.

The primary functions of RWA include:

  • To improve the facilities on the apartment campus – gym, lights, drainage, swimming pool, health center, recreational center, grocery shop, community hall, water and electricity supplies.
  • To organize events that could increase interaction and understanding among the members.
  • To maintain harmony among the residents of the society.
  • To keep the residents updated about the latest government rules and policies.
  • Maintenance of the earnings and expenditures of the society and taking care of the receipts to file income take, when needed.
  • The committee should appoint suitable staff and supervise them.

Although the concept of forming RWA covers the interest of the residents at large but at times the members of RWA might peep into the personal lives of the residents and ask them to act according to their personal perception of morality. We say this because, as at times RWA puts an illegal ban on bachelors and students who wish to rent a house, and restrict the residents from making guests stay over at night.

By being an active part of your RWA, one can contribute towards the welfare of the society. An efficient RWA is responsible to maintain cleanliness, utility and adjustment issues in the society. These days, RWAs have their own web pages that contain the members list, meeting schedule, minutes of the previous meeting, ongoing projects, staff details, vacancies, etc. Therefore, connecting with other RWAs becomes easy and societies can interact to discuss issues.

RWA must put every effort to create a surveillance system through CCTVs and neighborhood watch to ensure the safety of women and children in the society. But, RWAs are not still not equipped to deal with disaster management in India.  The next developmental step must ensure this. And, residents should be motivated to stay connected like an extended family, where one would not feel awkward to share happiness or sorrow with others.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theatre actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural stories.

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