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Tips to design the study room – RealtyMyths

by Ankana Mitra

When it comes to home renovation, people often crease their creative mind to do experiments. The first thing they do is look for the décor that suits the purpose of the particular room/space. Among all the exciting areas in the house, the study room is the one that requires attention while designing it. Study room should be designed in a way that does not hinder productivity. We should not forget that it is an influencing corner of the house which need to spruce up intelligence. So, it needs to look much innovative and reflect ones decorum and personality.

Here are some of the ideas that give your study a decent look:

Place the study table at the right spot

Always prefer to place the wooden study table beside a window. It is an ideal area to read and study. The window provides natural and fresh light during the daylight and a nice breeze during the night. The fresh breeze and light will help you to concentrate and the view outside will help you with the thinking process.


A study room requires a great amount of light apart from the natural one. So, go for the bright light but keep in mind that it should not put a strain on your eyes. Do not go with colourful lighting as it can distract or can be harmful to your eyes.

Wall colour

We often get confused with the variety of colours available in the market, when it comes to wall paint. But it is important to remember that you are working on a study room wall, hence, you should choose the colour that reflects your personality and will help you concentrate.

  • Red: As vastu suggested, it is the best colour in every aspect.
  • Green: For good memory and freshness.
  • Blue: For better concentration.
  • Yellow: For a kick starts and learning.


According to great designers and spiritual leaders, lamps should be incorporated in a study room as it keeps you away from boredom and anxiety. Lamp often regenerate your creativity and mindfulness. So, it would be a nice option to place different types of lamps in your study room. Try to make or create lamps using DIY tricks with your family and friends.

Wall decor

The wall décor can be the most exciting part while working on your study room as you can always give your personal touch on the walls. By hanging the photos and posters of your inspiration, mentors and leaders you follow. Also, you can hand a white/blackboard that will help you plan better. You can also try some DIY tricks to glorify the wall.

Studying can be boring but no one said that the study rooms cannot be interesting. The aforementioned tips and trick will help you renovate your boring study into a more productive and organized space.

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