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Get Your Home Monsoon Ready – RealtyMyths

Tips to get your home monsoon ready Realtymyths

by Shefali Gautam

Monsoon brings the much-needed relief from the scorching heat and the horrid humid conditions. This year monsoon gets a little late in all parts of India. During the monsoon, everything looks so beautiful and green but it can create havoc too if you don’t organize your home properly. It’s the time of leaking ceilings, dampening of walls, endless moisture everywhere, mold on wooden furniture and doors and so on.

Sipping a hot cup of tea sitting in your balcony and enjoying rains is on everyone’s to do list during monsoon. But you can only enjoy rains when your home is properly set-up. So, this monsoon, make a little effort and fix your home before rains hit the floors.

Declutter your home

The first and foremost thing that you are required to do is de-clutter your home during monsoon. Pack all your large and heavy furnishings, carpets and other stuff inside the store. We all are aware that heavy materials attract moisture and then it becomes really hard to dry out. The dampness of this stuff can make your house smell musty.

Repair the leaks

Before monsoon hits your city, it’s better to check and repair all the leakages. Thoroughly check your ceilings, walls and get everything fixed well in advance. If you do spot any crack, call a professional to fix it immediately. By doing this, the monsoons rains will stay out of your home.

Use Lightweight Fabrics

This requires a little effort too, believe me, it will bring the much-needed relief to your home. Using lightweight fabrics inside your home can make a huge difference. Dress your windows with lightweight curtains, spread linen fabrics over your sofas, chairs and put your cushions under cotton covers. Use cotton and linen bed sheets for your bedroom.  These small efforts not only keep your furniture clean and dry in the damp season but are also easily manageable. Drapes and curtains made of lightweight fabrics are easier to manage, clean and dry in the damp season.

Also, don’t forget to use camphor or neem leaves inside the cabinets and wardrobes, they absorb moisture.

Insect proofing

This is the biggest and nastiest problem during the rainy season. The influx of insects, especially mosquitoes is very common and should not be ignored. Get rid of them before the situation becomes out of control. Use natural and artificial repellents or call pest control and get your home bugs free during the monsoon season.

Keep a check on wiring and electronics

If not taken care of this can be fatal for your family members. Make an inspection and check is there any exposed wiring or sockets which may lead to a short circuit and therefore a danger of electrical failure. If found any fault then get it done ASAP.

Clear out the interior drainage system

Waterlogging is a general issue during this season. So to avoid over flooding of your drainage have a good interior drainage system. It’s a great idea to call the plumber and get all your drains cleared, checked, and de-clogged before the monsoon gets in.

Rainwater Harvesting

Considering the current water crisis, a little planning will help you in storing the rainwater effectively for future usage. Rainwater harvesting is a simple yet effective way of preserving water, which can later be used for drinking or gardening.

The aforementioned tips to make home monsoon ready are very handy and can be easily done by the individuals. All you need is a little patience to perform these activities and trust me these tips will ensure that your home stays safe, disinfected, and peaceful during the monsoon season.

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