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Travel anywhere and everywhere, Explore – Dhruv Sharma, GuestHouser

GuesthouserDhruv Sharma graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University and founded GuestHouser at the age of 23. With a background in entrepreneurship, hospitality, and computer science, Dhruv is a young leader with a crystal clear vision for the business and a dynamic perspective for its growth. A passionate idea generator and data geek, Dhruv is also a total cynophile and thoroughly enjoys sky and ocean diving. Team RealtyMyths had an interaction with Dhruv, here are the excerpts:

How do you think the hospitality market has evolved in the digital space?

The amalgamation of travel, hospitality and the digital space has become a big game changer in recent times. With technological advancement enabling the creation of platforms that enable travellers to have access to destinations, accommodation, price choices, reviews from contemporaries, and most of all bookings, travellers today have so much at their fingertips. This market is ever-growing and pretty dynamic.

What will be the impact of GH in the hospitality market?

GuestHouser helps travellers have authentic travel experiences by connecting them with local owners of accommodations. This, as a concept, is taking the market by storm, as people who travel today look for an edge in their experience. Living in a hotel has become passé, and GH provides villas, cottages, homestays, tree houses, bungalows, etc.—all of which provide a home-like experience to the traveller. With GH, gone are the days of boxy hotel rooms. The personal touch, the feeling of being in a home away from home, the human connect, it is these aspects that GH is promoting.

How are you planning to position “homestays” in India?

Homestays are a relatively new concept in India, and GuestHouser is dedicated to creating a travel space that enables travellers to have access to loads of beautiful homestays wherever they go, so their travel experience is as relevant and authentic as possible. The experience of living with a family provides a traveller with homely comfort and memories that last a lifetime.

How was your journey with GH? What are your future plans?

GH has been a rather exciting journey for me. It has been about endless work days, sweating the details, and a continual quest for improvement and betterment in each aspect of the company.

What are the current challenges you are facing?

Being a startup means challenges at every stage, from product to customer service to business development. However, we have a great team that’s able to troubleshoot when needed, which is an asset.

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Any current book you are reading?

The Outliers

 Any suggestions to the newcomers in this domain

Don’t come in, this space is taken!

How are you planning your digital product further?

There is always room for improvement, as this is a rather dynamic aspect of our business. We are continually working to improve our app efficiency in every domain.

Any destination you visit very often? Suggestion for our reader

I don’t play favourites when it comes to travel. And that’s my one suggestion to everyone: Travel anywhere and everywhere. Explore!!

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