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Weekly Word Wizard: What is ‘Carpet Area’

Welcome back Folks!

Today we will discuss about ‘Carpet Area’. We believe this is one of the most talked about term in the real estate market and is often confused with BuiltUp Area and Super Area.

Carpet Area is the area that is enclosed within the walls and where you can actual lay the carpet. This area does not include the thickness of the walls. It is the actual used area of an apartment. Built up Area is the carpet area plus the thickness of outer walls and the balcony. And Super Area is the built up area plus proportionate area of common areas such as the lobby, lifts shaft, stairs, etc. Sometimes it may also include the common areas such, swimming pool, garden, clubhouse, etc.

Generally, Carpet Area is around (70 to 80)% of SUPER BUILT UP AREA. But note that this percentage varies from project to project and builder to builder. Always remember, the property prices are mostly calculated on the basis of Super Area.

We hope these information are useful to you. Keeping visiting us for more such information.

Happy Learning!

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