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How to Work Around the Idea of Selling Your Real Estate Project

by Anushree Ghosh,

Marketing the real estate project in the right way

The marketing world is filled with all forms of clutter, so in order to reach the target audience, you need to streamline the choices and opt for the right kind of marketing mix. Real estate is no different, some of the projects need marketing before even the land is being acquired. From barren land to pre-development plans; to the whole infrastructural ecosystem, specific marketing plans need to be placed for better sales options.

Although, word of mouth is an efficient technique that is extremely cost effective. The right approach would be to optimize the plan at every step. Today, as digital media has become an integral part of our life, it is used not only for socializing but also for marketing in terms of digital PR, website, and tactics of online lead generation. But, before the brand promotion begins, the project goal and timeline should be the primary elements to consider. A solid foundational study would be the primer to initiate the whole process of marketing real estate project.

Here are some strategies for real estate project marketing

Good Storytelling: You need to be transparent and honest in weaving a story around the brand’s project. An emotional connect often helps people to create a bond with the brand.

Collaborations with local businesses: Develop good relations with other businesses that are operating locally. The local pastry, pizza or coffee shop can run your ads through customized merchandise or can use your logo in a subtle way while they serve food. Local partnerships are a great way to catch some eyeballs.

Testimonials: Ask your former clients to share their experiences with the new client. You can put the testimonials in your brochures and websites.

Referral System: There should be some incentives for the clients/people who refer you to others.

Here are the digital steps to consider as the Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Project Developers

Virtual Tour: a virtual tour provides the potential buyer with a clear idea about the space and its utilization. So, creating a 3D video of the property and uploading it to your website is a great idea.

Set Your Social Media accounts: Make sure that you are active on the major social media pages where your potential buyers would be looking for a property. It also establishes your credibility.

Digital Competitive Analysis: Make a comprehensive note about your competitor’s activities online. It will help you to analyze your brand’s online promotional schemes.

Mobile friendly site: Your site’s format should be compatible for mobile phones, as most of the buyers prefer to do their searches online.

With the right tone of digital and offline approach, you can generate the desired sales. Here is an example, Shrachi, a brand in Bengal, used digital platforms seamlessly to promote their project, UrsDigitally was their digital agency. Firstly, they created an effective landing page with a registration form, attractive content and design played a critical role in driving traffic to the site. An additional landing page for Facebook was created to gather an optimized audience. This was followed by pay-per-click ads on Facebook for potential leads. And, then the cherry on the cake was a video story about a family finding their home.

Therefore, sorting out what’s the need of the hour in respect to the project and pooling all the resources to choose the right marketing mix can do wonders for your property.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theatre actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural stories

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